Market Feasibility/Impact Analysis

Will The Market Support The Endeavor

Sustainable economic development requires analysis to determine the feasibility of projects and their impacts, both positive and negative. We answer the questions “if you build it will they come?” and “if they come what will happen?”.

Crane Associates market feasibility studies include: real estate analysis of large commercial buildings and affordable housing; alternative transportation projects; water and sewer infrastructure demands; agriculture products to improve food security; small business incubator buildings; eco-tourism and tourism projects.

Our impact analysis included: environmental and social impacts of oil and gas projects; economic impacts of alterations to river flows; fiscal impacts of water infrastructure development, and the socio-economic impacts of tourism.

Professional Services

  • Micro-economic analysis
  • Viability of commercial ventures
  • Due diligence benefit/cost analysis
  • Real estate market studies
  • Environmental and Social Impact Analysis (ESIA)
  • Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA)
  • Economic impact analysis
  • Fiscal impact analysis
We needed to focus on revenue for the town and our waterfront is the largest non-tax revenue source. Mr. Crane. He spent a lot time and did all his homework. I know that going out and finding comparables and getting the facts was a difficult task for Mr. Crane but he did it. He put his heart and soul into this project. He was out there in the trenches and not sitting on the computer all day. This study, in my 30 years, is without questions the best I’ve ever seen.
Tom Scozzafava, Town Supervisor, Moriah, NY
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