Institutional Capacity Building

Effective Leadership & Efficient Systems of Governance

As companies grow, their demands on society grow; they seek skilled human resources, reliable financial systems, efficient physical infrastructure, access to natural resources, and a well-organized array of social services for their workers. It is the role of government to supply these assets. Crane Associates works with government institutions to create transparent and accountable operations. We use systems theory to find the most effective areas for change; we use cultural norms and extensive stakeholder inputs to guide our recommendations; and we train newly established boards, government authorities, and committees to strategically plan to meet their goals.

Professional Services

  • Competency assessments
  • Job skills training
  • Executive coaching
  • Administrative restructuring
  • Consensus building
  • Stakeholder engagements
I was thoroughly satisfied with the way Michael managed the project. His task was to lead a team of experts to restructure the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works away from a central-controlled administration to a modern, self-sustaining organization with the ability to meet its mission and deliver decentralized, equitable and quality services to the population. He used a combination of careful analysis and creative problem solving skills to find common ground among stakeholders from different ethnic and political backgrounds. His reports were well written, clear, and delivered on time…. During his service, he undeniably demonstrated his ability to drive an organizational culture that focuses on results, inspiring others to achieve goals and expectations. I have no doubts you will be exceptionally pleased if you hire him
Hrachya (Charlie) Sagsyan, Chief of WASH Section , UNICEF
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