Building Effective Governance Institutional Capacity in the Iraq Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works, 2011


United Nations (Iraq)

In Iraq, central government control from the previous regime is still operating under a new constitution and entirely different socio-political environment.  This causes internal conflicts and extreme government inefficiency.  Crane Associates served as Project Manager for the “Iraq-Public Sector Modernization Program,” a multilateral effort to increase administrative efficiency in several Iraqi Ministries.   We coordinated a team of experts in water engineering, finance, Iraqi law, and economics to design long-term sustainability of municipal water and sewer services throughout Iraq by reforming government operations.   The Work involved detailed policy discussions with a wide range of stakeholders from all ethic groups, civic organizations, and relevant government institutions.  We secured agreements with the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works, Municipality of Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government on the correct model of governance.   Project resulted in a more transparent structure of government; modernized administrative policies and procedures; a financial model that increases revenue and reduces costs; and a Strategic Plan (Road Map) to modernize government service delivery functions. Project won $38mUSD of implementation funding.

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