Tourism can provide an important source of government revenue. It is one of the few economic sectors that imports revenue without exporting its resources. In this way, tourism can be a sustainable source of income for a community if planned and managed correctly. Without careful planning, tourism can overtax infrastructure, natural resources, and threaten quality of life. Crane Associates works closely with clients to ensure that a tourist economy works for its residents and not the other way around. This requires detailed analysis of how the tourist economy works, such as, who benefits and by how much, what it requires to operate efficiently, and understanding the visitors’ expectations, their spending power, and behaviors. Crane Associates will spend extensive amounts of time on the ground collecting primary data from visitors, residents, and businesses, observing the seasonality of the tourist cycle and completing a total economic impact analysis of the tourism economy. The results provide clients with strategies on how to tap into new tourism opportunities, manage existing products and services to meet changing demands, and how to balance visitor expectations with residents’ demands for a high quality of life.

Professional Services

  • Visitor Profile Analysis
  • Tourism Supply/Demand Studies
  • Carrying Capacity Analysis
  • Tourism Economic Impact Analysis
  • Place-Based Marketing
  • Recreation and Resource Management Plans
  • Visitor Attraction Strategies
  • Tourism Product Development
  • Sustainable Tourism Planning
  • Eco-Tourism Planning
“The City of Belfast engaged Crane Associates to perform what became known as The Belfast Vibrancy Report. We received eight proposals, interviewed three and chose Crane Associates. We were completely satisfied. Michael Crane and his company did a great job, went more than the extra mile, visited numerous times, performed many interviews that gave him a good overview of Belfast and our situation, created a very helpful document, always communicated professionally, clearly and expertly, and we are left feeling very and completely happy. We would engage them again without hesitation. We fully recommend Michael Crane and Crane Associates.
Mayor Michael D. Hurley City of Belfast
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