INGRED: An Interactive Geographic Recreation Database System


INGRED (INteractive Geographic REcreation Database), was built and copyrighted by Crane Associates in 2004. The “database map” is an interactive GIS map so users can see where recreation opportunities exist in town and search their features. The map uses different symbols for different types of recreation amenities. Users click on symbols to see a listing of information on the facility or land including: acres, hours of operation, recreation opportunities available, amenities offered and regularly scheduled programs. If the user requires more details about the facility she can click on a hyperlink to be taken to a spreadsheet that will include detailed information. As facilities or programs change, town staff can easily update more information. The inventory can also be uploaded to the Town’s web site or on an information kiosk for public access. The project was funded by the New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning and completed in 5 New Hampshire municipalities as part of their “Hearts and Parks” obesity and diabetes prevention program.

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