Urban Planning

The Economics of Urban Planning

For the first time in human history, most of the world’s population is living in urban areas and this trend will continue for the long-term. Compact urban living offers great opportunities to reduce carbon emissions if cities are planned correctly.

Crane Associates provides detailed economic analysis to ensure urban plans are truly sustainable. Our services in this area include real estate feasibility studies; benefit/costs of green infrastructure; affordability studies for housing and utilities; environmental and social impact analysis; fiscal impact analysis, and capital planning.

Professional Services

  • Economic and demographic projections
  • Growth forecasts by sector
  • Land use build-out analysis
  • Demand forecasts for utilities and infrastructure
  • Comprehensive land use planning
  • Urban growth policies
  • Economic development planning
  • Competitive advantage models
  • Industrial cluster analysis
  • Location quotients
  • Tourism planning
  • Eco-tourism feasibility
  • Growth by market segment
  • Visitor forecasts
Michael’s challenge was overwhelming at times .. Nonetheless, I observed him successfully complete tasks that veteran diplomats from many countries couldn’t do; that was to get Iraqis from diverse backgrounds and regions to sit in the same room and agree to a plan . I know he worked tirelessly behind the scenes. He was persistent and patient in overcoming every obstacle … My country has benefited greatly from Michael’s hard work and commitment to his job. His skills at creative problem solving, diplomacy, and compassionate leadership gave Iraq at least one project of which we can be proud.
Kamil Al Chadirji, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works, Iraq
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