Housing Needs Assessment and Production Strategy, City of South Portland, Maine. May 2022


City of South Portland, Maine

This report identifies and quantifies South Portland’s affordable and market-rate housing needs and describes the factors and forces that affect the City's housing market. A 10-year economic, demographic, financial, and housing market forecast was custom built for the MSA region and City of South Portland specifically to guide recommended production strategies. The study analyzes data on population, households, employment, household income and expenditures, commuting patterns, household size and formation rates, and other important data relative to housing demand in the city and the surrounding MSA. The report presents a 10-year forecast of the gaps between housing supply and demand for a range of household incomes and demographic groups and proposes locally-appropriate strategies to fill those housing gaps. This study gave the City housing production targets and presented an array of solutions that included: regional production cooperation; changes in land density policies; changes in parking standards; economic incentives; changes in regulatory processes; locally-managed subsidies; and allowing alternative housing types. A City Housing Committee is now working through these recommendations.

Michael, I am very happy with how it has come together. I hope and trust that you are also pleased with the outcome. This is not a report that can or will sit on a shelf. You know already that we are working on a number of changes that were recommended...
Milan Nevajd, Planning Director. June 21, 2022
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