Highgate VT Economic Development Strategic Plan 2021


This study provided the Town of Highgate with a detailed analysis of its opportunities for economic and community development to strengthen its economic resiliency and renew economic vibrancy.  The study included detailed assessment of the Town and region’s key industry sectors. This resulted in an attribute-based categorization of those key sectors into a hierarchical “best fit,” “good fit,” and “poor fit” typology for the Town and region; series of data-driven estimates of the region-wide economic return on new, incremental economic activity in each of the key economic sectors identified;  specific estimates of the indirect job impacts, as well as the earnings-income returns associated with every 100 new jobs; “policy took-kit” of options to encourage appropriate growth; and a series of highly specific strategies to build upon and support the region’s key industries.  Client Town of Highgate VT. Partner, Economic and Policy Resources  

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