Moriah Waterfront Economic Strategic Plan, Lake Champlain New York 2016


Town of Moriah, New York

Moriah New York (and its Village of Port Henry), is a small rural town in the Adirondacks (pop 4800).   It has over a mile of pristine waterfront on Lake Champlain which is the town’s largest source of non-tax revenue.  Crane Associates was hired to determine how this waterfront can be managed to help the town economically while maintaining its natural beauty and rural charm.  The work involved a comprehensive market analysis of comparable waterfront businesses on Lake Champlain and upstate New York, an Asset Based Community Development public engagement process, a tourist survey; a highest and best use analysis of waterfront property, development proforma for a new campground, hotel and restaurant, and a detailed set of implementation strategies.  The final product was a 100-page tourism strategic plan to increase visitation and fully utilize the town’s waterfront for creating jobs and spurring economic development.  Client:  Town of Moriah, New York

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