Creating a Sustainable Governance Structure in the Municipality of Fujairah, UAE. 2014


Emirate of Fujairah, UAE

The Emirate of Fujairah recently completed a 25-year Urban Master Plan (Fujairah 2040) and a 25-year Strategic Economic Development Plan (also written by Crane Associates), however, the capacity of the government to implement these plans is significantly limited.   Crane Associates was hired to identify the cause of the capacity limitations and create sustainable solutions to improve the government’s administrative ability to implement urban planning and economic development.   Three analytical procedures including Capacity Mapping, administrative monitoring, and engaging a custom-built, Capacity Assessment Tool revealed the sources of their public administrative challenges.  The sources included:  limited human resources; inadequate technical training; internal procedures; administrative directives; and organizational behaviors and standards.   Crane Associates completed a strategic plan entitled Sustainable Governance in the Municipality of Fujairah, which presents a series of interrelated long and short term strategies to correct these issues.  The client has requested additional guidance from Crane Associates to help initiate these strategies

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