Sustainable Economic Development Plan, Emirate of Fujairah, UAE, 2014


Emirate of Fujairah, UAE

The Emirate of Fujairah is strategically located on the Indian Ocean, allowing the UAE to export its crude oil and import food without the imposing threat from traversing the Straits of Hormuz.   This is causing Fujairah to expand its seaport and airport, receive an oil and gas pipeline, plan for a transnational railroad and build the country’s strategic grain storage.  The Emirate’s current capital includes mineral resources, fresh ground water, tourist quality beaches, and is famous in the maritime industry as the largest bunkering port between Singapore and Rotterdam.  Crane Associates was asked to complete a Sustainable Economic Development Plan that would direct these opportunities so that all of society would benefit for the long term.   We conducted a detailed model of the Emirate’s international competitive advantage by preparing an industrial cluster analysis, a 20-year forecast of population, an analysis of key demographic characteristics, a robust study of current and forecasted employment trends and job skills demands.  We completed our report with 72 detailed strategies for securing an internationally competitive employment base, recommending strategic economic development policies, and monitoring progress with a range of economic indicators.   The Plan was presented to His Highness Sheik Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Ruler of Fujairah, (pictured) who has requested additional advice from Crane Associates.

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