Economic Value of Resilient Coastal Ecosystems in Mozambique. 2023


United States Millennium Challenge Corporation (subcontracted through Tetra Tech)

The United States hired Crane Associates to determine the economic benefits from large scale investments in building a resilient coast line and improving fisheries management along the coast of Mozambique.  The investments were designed to:

·      increase biodiversity through habitat protection;

·      increase sustainable fish harvests through improvements in fisheries management;

·      develop new livelihoods by creating sustainable eco-tourism business enterprises;

·      create long-term incentives to protect coastlines through “blue-carbon” credit sales; and

·      protect life and property by regenerating mangrove forests.  

Crane Associates built a project specific Economic Rate of Return ERR model that met the requirements of the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s internal policy guidance. The model calculated the cost and benefits of each project intervention individually, and combined, so that the most effective and efficient return that achieved the project goals could be found.  

Tetra Tech had the pleasure of working with Michael Crane on a crucial project for the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). Michael was tasked with developing a cost-benefit analysis and model to demonstrate the economic rate of return for MCC’s $100+ million investment in the Coastal Livelihoods and Climate Resilience (CLCR) project in Mozambique, and he exceeded all expectations. On extremely short notice, over the holidays, with a tight delivery schedule and with challenging data issues, Michael was able to produce an outstanding final deliverable that gave the MCC Board confidence in their investment. His attention to detail, expertise in economic analysis, and ability to work effectively under pressure made him a valuable asset to the project team. We are grateful for his quick turnaround, collaborative spirit, and high-quality work and look forward to future opportunities to work with Michael and his team at Crane Associates
Ashok Menon, Senior Project Manager Tetra Tech February 6th 2023
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