A UN-REDD Approved Benefit Sharing Distribution System for Papua New Guinea, 2015


United Nations REDD Programme

The Office of Climate Change and Development, partnering with the United Nations REDD Programme, sought to prepare National Guidelines for a Benefit Sharing Distribution System (BSDS).  A BSDS is a required element of a national climate change action plan where a beneficiary country would receive payments to reduce its carbon emissions.  Developing countries may receive payments from donor country to finance climate friendly actions if they are able to demonstrate a fair, transparent, and effective distribution system of the revenues received. Crane Associates was hired by the UN-REDD programme and the Papua New Guinea Office of Climate Change to create a National Benefit Sharing Distribution System.  The work involved two country missions; interviews with 35 relevant stakeholders; site visits to rural villages and provincial governments; two stakeholder workshops; research on international examples and the UN-REDD Programme and UNFCCC decisions; analysis of relevant national policies and legal frameworks; and a governance capacity assessment using an assessment tool built specifically to analyze the feasibility of implementing a BSDS in Papua New Guinea.  The results of this work delivered a guideline on how to establish a National BSDS in PNG.  The guiding report recommends that a National BSDS for PNG be created to help implement the key principles, social safeguards, and environmental protections established by the UNFCCC, Climate Finance Mechanisms, and the UN-REDD Programme.

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