Tomorrow’s Cedar River will be full of fun

September 10, 2019

The City of Cedar Rapids is taking the first big step into turning the Cedar River into a destination playground for residents and visitors. The city recently hired Crane Associates to create a feasibility and implementation plan that will bring river recreation through the heart of the city.  Crane will lead a team of consultants through a planning process that will start now and continue for approximately 9 months with extensive public engagement, a study of the river’s flow and recreation potential and engineering feasibility of improving safety and navigability near the two dams.  The work will build off the City’s 2014 Greenways Parks Plan and be closely coordinated with the Flood Control System that the city is currently building.  “The city has the potential for an 8-mile-long floating playground” says Michael Crane, President of Crane Associates.  “this river can be a signature destination for the city with whitewater parks, river trails, family friendly activities and world cup level competitions in many water sports, all while improving real estate values, attracting a skilled workforce, and increasing the quality of life.”  The full article on the project in the Cedar Rapids Gazette is located at the link below.

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